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A Pet Care and Dog Walking Service where your companions are cared for, exercised and treated with love and kindness
Apologies.Until further notice my business is not operating.


About Me

My name is Ian Harper and I provide this Pet Care Service. I have been developing my business since June 2012 and have an established group of customers.

Much of my professional life has been in state education or delivering outdoor adventurous activities. I have worked as a class teacher, an art technician and in various supporting roles in schools and colleges. I have worked as a support worker with various vulnerable adult groups and supported art projects. I have provided pet sitting, pet visit and dog walking for friends in the past for many years.

All of these roles have involved caring for, and considering the safety and well being of others. These skills, interests and experiences all come into play each day I am with your pets.

Apologies.Until further notice my business is not operating.

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Apologies.Until further notice my business is not operating.

About my Business

n essence, I would want someone to make sure that my pets are safe,secure,cared for and treated with warmth and kindness. Each day is different as I attempt to bring variety to those pets I meet.

I attended a Canine First Aid workshop in Sept 2013.

I have a Diploma in Holistic Massage ITEC and I am considering ways in which too develop and transfer my skills to animals.

My ethos is guided by positive, caring methods and working intuitively with our pets.  Dog walking for example, provides various opportunities to work on recall through positive methods, initial on the lead then moving toward being off the lead, if and where appropriate.Developing and instilling trust, well being and an instinict to come towards one, requires time, care and renforcement.

Services on Offer

I offer a range of services. I provide a dog walking services for as long or short a period that you require. I provide pet visits, which can include, a walk, play, feeding and company. I provide pet sitting, where I stay at you home each night and provide for your pets' needs during the day. 

Pet visits help to reassure and maintain routines. If I provide touch/massage for example, this promotes confidence, healthy immunity and belonging. Dog walking and play helps to relax the mind and build on experiences. Pet sitting provides and maintains those familar scents, sound and routines for your pets.

Over my time, I have developed an interest in pet photography. My pet photography has naturally lead to me sketching and creating images on canvas. Warrington has many dog walking sites which provide opprtunities for super images. Pet sitting, pet visits and home boarding all allow me time to build a picture of your pets, their habits and routines which is great to capture.

Consultaion Process

I visit potential customers at home and chat through a consultation form.This helps me to clarify your requirements and those of your pets. At this meeting I'll bring all my business documentation which demonstrates I am fully insured and police checked. All Information recorded and keys (if necessary) are kept in a safe and secure place.

If you decide to use my services we
can maintain ongoing communications as and when necessary and make any changes to meet your needs.

Please go to the Constant Companions Community page (CC Community) to gain further insight and thoughts on dog walking and all the other services I provide.There are also video clips for you to vi
ew. Kind Regards, Ian Harper.


Apologies.Until further notice my business is not operating.
A Pet Photography and Pet Care Service where your companions are cared for, exercised and  moments are cherished 


A pet is not merely a pot to be filled, nor just to be moulded but a seed to be nurtured.

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